What do the behavioural assessments involve?

Our behavioural assessments use a simple, precise and scientific methodology which allows us to discover and analyse peoples’ behavioural profiles. The assessment does not qualify behavioural profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioural characteristics.

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Will REthink fit in with our strategic plan?

Absolutely! We agree outcomes with you before work commences, to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals.

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Why use Ethical Influence?

Established in 2005 by Richard Elwell, Ethical Influence is a group of individuals who are highly trained and experts in their field. The diverse background has helped towards the mix of research and development to produce the REthink process. A wide ranging client base can give prospective REthink users the assurance that their investment will give an excellent ROI.

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Why REthink?

If your organisation is keen to improve its commercial performance, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of employees, in a way that fits into the strategic plan, then REthink a viable option. The speed with which people development occurs and stress reduction is achieved creates long term value, for both the individual and the organisation, in terms of tangible goals being achieved and an excellent ROI.

REthink has been developed of a number of years and is unique in the way it delivers to develop the most important part of any organisation-the people.

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What will my organisation get for the investment?

We will work out your return on investment with you in our initial discussions. Following your REthink sessions delegates and their organisations will have copies of the behavioural assessment. The delegates will have a personalised plan and video of how they will continue to achieve the outcomes set in the initial discussions, together with a workbook.

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What happens after the initial enquiry?

Following initial discussions, clients take a behavioural assessment. We then set or re-assess the outcomes they wish to achieve as part of the process. The client then participates in the REthink sessions. Following these sessions there is an option for an additional behavioural assessment-should the client wish to evaluate in a documented sense if their desired outcomes have been achieved.

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What is REthink?

REthink is a revolutionary process, developed by Richard Elwell, which allows the coach to visually see and understand the process with which their client makes decisions. It goes beyond where traditional management coaching ever has. A deconstruction of the decision making process occurs due to a skilful set of questions, project managing the processby shifting the journey from a verbal to a visual process it is possible to take apart the jigsaw and rebuild it to the picture the client wishes’.

Consequently old patterns are broken and new ones created. The clever use of simple technology means the speed of change and longevity are astonishing and because of this, the process is exceptionally useful to combat stress within the modern workplace as well as facilitating change management and succession planning.

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