Manager Toolkit

Employee well-being directly affects your organisation’s bottom line.

worklife1-2Your employees’ state of mind determines how much mental and emotional energy they bring to the work place, how they deal with stress, how well they perform and, ultimately, how long they perform in your organisation. Maintaining a work environment where employees are engaged and healthy has been shown to not only mitigate financial, legal and reputational costs and risks to the company, but also helps improve worker productivity, creativity, loyalty and happiness.

We know that the REthink methodology revolutionises and transforms employees’ mindsets-we also know that budgets are stretched and Ethical Influence are committed to offering sustainable well-being.


With this in mind we have developed the Manager Toolkit training model-key managers within your organisation will be able to utilise the proven methodology developed by Richard Elwell, from the grass roots up, a significant addition to their tool kit. This methodology is additionally proven to work exceptionally successfully in change management and succession planning.

Benefits/outcomes of the methodology: Clearer vision – Work outside individual’s original blueprint Increased capacity – Reduced stress – Increased resilience – A sense of true support due to being able to envisage and plan effectively for the future

Click on the image below to download a full brochure and learn how you can utilise REthink throughout your organisation.