REthink™ – and build the life you deserve

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Do you want to break old patterns and create new ones, interrupt the habits of a lifetime? Consciously evolve yourself into something bigger, grander and better than you ever imagined. It’s possible with as little as a single one-on-one session. Unlock what you really want and find ways to move forward.

This revolutionary process has been developed over a number of years by process originator Richard Elwell. What makes it different? The speed with which you gain clarity and the longevity of this change. This change happens whilst you are working through the process and you will leave, ready to face the world with new vigor and passion. Current and past clients refer to the process as “getting into my very DNA on an emotional level” and it being “remarkable the measurable difference just one session brought. I feel renewed in my personal and business life-excellent value for money!”.

plan PLAN your life
By reviewing your past decisions and considering the impact of everything you’ve learned so far, you can take positive steps forward.

redefine REDEFINE who you are
Taking into consideration who you once were and helping you shed your old perceptions, you can define who you are and create who you want to be.

innovate INNOVATE to get unstuck
By being creative, doing things differently and exploring new ideas, you can take on board the lessons of your past and craft a unique new future.

video64 STORYBOARD a roadmap
With a map of your life at hand, you can fill holes in your plans, eliminate nonessential parts of your life story and challenge yourself to get specific.

motivate MOTIVATE like never before
You can stick to your plans, leverage amazingly useful visualisation techniques and journey toward more success than you ever dreamed.


Andrew Hoyle, Sales And Marketing Director, Edmund Bell & Company Ltd


“My thinking has changed since working with Richard. I have greater clarity, a deeper understanding and a greater sense of freedom than I had before.”