Public Sector

“Right now the Public Sector faces it’s most daunting challenge ever…Budgets are stretched to the limit, yet these shrunken resources are expected to meet the rising demand for social services.
In turn these services are expected to become more efficient and innovative – without diminishing quality and safety.
As a result, public sector organisations need to be fundamentally redesigned to meet the twin challenges of reduced resources and the ever increasing demands. These new ways of working bring new risks. In the current economic climate local authorities and other public sector bodies are anticipating budget reductions of up to 40% over the next five years as a result of the 25 November Comprehensive”
Spending Review (CSR2015).

Staff wellbeing is vital throughout all public sector organisations. All too often the stress level of employees is felt on a personal level way before it impacts on the business. However,  as the levels increase the effects at an organisational level are all too obvious.

Ethical Influence offers a tried and tested methodology to combat this environment of stress and pressure, where individuals and teams work with a trusted practitioner to gain insight and clarity in their own thought processes. With personalised content to meet individual need, the process- REthink – enables personal growth, achievement of tangible goals and creates long term value to both individuals and organisations. The immediate change experienced by REthink delegates creates both increased capacity and financial gain for organisations.